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  • Dominique Mojay

Making a Difference, Saving the World

Updated: Jan 14

In 2019, an overwhelming number of natural disasters wiped out many communities. Destroying whatever source of peace they had.

To put this into a picture, here are the top 5 most devastating disasters of 2019 according to US News

Sintia Radu, December 3rd, 2019

March 2019: Typhoon Idai in southeastern Africa

June 2019: Heat wave in India.

July 2019: Japan heat wave

August 2019: Typhoon Lekima

October 2019: Typhoon Hagibis.

A total of 1408 lives were lost due to the climate crisis in these five (5) disasters alone.

The question is not how could this have happened, the question is how can we make sure it never happens again.

There must be a total upheaval of methods and attitudes when it comes to addressing these catastrophes from before to after they strike. We must address not only responding but also responsibility.

This is what can be seen from these events leading to the loss of life:

There is a lack of preparation for events like this. These events are unprecedented and growing more chaotic each year.

How can you prepare for what you don't know will come? Engineering. You test. You build. You prepare for the unforeseen and unfortunate.

This is what happens at Hazel Aerospace. Engineering. We are designing from the ground up, methods to repair and reverse the damage done. Engineering for the future.