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  • Dominique Mojay

Every Action has a Reaction

Updated: Mar 6

In recent years, there has been a constant increase in interest in Climate Change, Global Warming, the decay of the Ozone layer: the many names of one (1) issue. The Earth as we know it is becoming inhabitable at a now rapid pace. With one look at the news, there are reports of crops dying, animals being misplaced, people becoming sick from the air all the way down to disease spread by misplaced animals, global habitats and ecosystems not only in danger but also completely wiped out-- the list goes on and on. This is not a change, it is a crisis.

Due to this, more cries for help are being called and, in fact, there are screams demanding change. There are treaties being passed globally, there are acts being drawn in multiple nations, there are initiatives in corporate organizations that implement new practices for a cleaner future. Sustainability is not only being used as a catchphrase, but it is also being recognized as a necessity.

Of course, one of the variables being scrutinized is the air travel industry. There is a movement monikered Urban Air Mobility wherein hybrid-electric and electric aircraft are being designed to address the devastating pollutants produced by aircraft of the past and today. A future is being imagined where the people take to the sky and are consciously not destroying it.

At Hazel Aerospace, we combine both of these causes with a new take. There are aircraft used for responding to disasters but not only are they not able to truly get to those affected, but they also contribute to the issues of the causes of the Climate Crisis. We asked the question; why not fix both?

We are now designing multiple Electric Aircraft that are inspired by the world that is being threatened. Where emissions are eliminated and the future of aviation is envisioned and executed.

Later is too late.